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Amahlo-Suritec‘s February 2017 Piracy Report #piracy #maritime #security #marsec

February 2017 - Piracy Report

The Piracy Report covers acts of piracy (in international waters), armed robbery of ships (in territorial waters) and maritime terrorism. Related maritime crimes such as incidents against fishing boats and tugboats are also incorporated in the report and the underlying reasons for incidents are investigated in order create a more complete picture for domain awareness.

Currently the 2017 heatmap is based on 30 incidents of piracy and robbery of vessels in 2017. Areas with only two recorded incidents, such as Honduras and Sierra Leone, light up in the 2017 heatmap. It should therefor not be the only indication of piracy and armed robbery threats at this time.

The most dangerous areas with regard to piracy and kidnappings of crew in early 2017 are the coast of Nigeria and the Sulu and Celebes Seas off Malaysia and the Philippines.

Full report is available to download here:

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