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MDAT GoG (West Africa) Weekly Piracy Report #marsec #piracy #westafrica #mdatgog #shipping

4 events reported to MDAT-GoG this week.


Sighting 127NM SW of Lagos

On 2nd March 2017 at approximately 16:40ZHrs in position 04°28’N – 002°30’E, crew on board a merchant vessel underway noticed a suspicious boat travelling at a speed of 9 knots at a distance of 0.9NM astern. The vessel increased speed and made large course alterations and the boat appeared to follow. As the vessel was slightly faster, the distance increased and the boat aborted and moved away after nearly two hours. The vessel continued its transit This event refers to ADVISORY 001/MAR/2017.


Boarding At ONNE PORT, Nigeria.

On 7th March 2017 at approximately 06:20ZHrs in position 04°41’N – 007°09’E, a merchant vessel reported robbers boarded the vessel. This event refers to WARNING 001/MAR/2017.


Failed Attack Nigeria Coastal 106 nm (Niger River Delta) On 8th March 2017 at approximately 08:40ZHrs in position 03°16’N – 004°31’E, a merchant vessel was attacked by a skiff with 7 pirates armed aboard. Attack failed. This event refers to WARNING 002/MAR/2017.


Failed attack 80NM/180° from NIGERIA coasts

On 10th March 2017 at approximately 05:30ZHrs in position 03°03’N – 006°57’E, a merchant vessel has been attacked by pirates while proceeding to Bonny. After evasive maneuvers and an increase in speed, pirate speed boat desisted. All crew safe. This event refers to WARNING 003/MAR/2017.

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