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Maritime Intelligence Report - MAST #piracy #marsec

Issue 67 of the series reviews, analyses and threat assesses the fragile and conflict affected coastal states Libya, Somalia and Yemen. The Mediterranean migrant crisis, incidents affecting maritime security and influencing maritime news are also reported and analysed, focusing on the keys theatres of maritime instability.

Indian Ocean Incidents:

1. MV reported two mother vessels had deployed four skiffs that approached the MV to within 1 cable at 0845 UTC in position 13:52N - 050:20E, around 81nm SE of Al Mukalla, Yemen, Gulf Aden. Embarked AST showed weapons and skiffs retreated. Vessel is safe. Reported March 9th (UKMTO).

2. Investigations are currently ongoing following reports that a Yemeni Coast Guard vessel may have struck a mine in Yemeni Territorial Waters (TTW), in the vicinity of the port of Al Mukha. As the event involves a mine detonation impacting a Yemeni Coast Guard vessel in Yemeni territorial waters in the Red Sea, US MARAD advises caution when transiting the area and use the western TSS wherever possible. The US Advisory expires 17 March. Reported March 10th (UKMTO/US MARAD. Not shown on map).

3. Bunkering tanker Aris 13 has been HIJACKED as it transited off the Puntland coast in position 11:59N-050:45E. Vessel reported hijacked by armed men in two skiffs according to Puntland authorities. MV currently off the town of Alula town, Puntland, Somalia. Reported March 13th (UKMTO).

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