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Maritime Intelligence Report - MAST #piracy #marsec

Issue 68 of the series reviews, analyses and threat assesses the fragile and conflict affected coastal states Libya, Somalia and Yemen. The Mediterranean migrant crisis, incidents affecting maritime security and influencing maritime news are also reported and analysed, focusing on the keys theatres of maritime instability.

South East Asia


1. Unnoticed, robbers boarded an anchored chemical tanker at 0215 LT in position 13:44.17N - 121:02.23E, Batangas Anchorage, Philippines. Duty AB on routine rounds noticed that the forepeak store lock was broken and immediately informed the duty officer on the bridge. A search was made throughout the tanker. It was reported that ship’s properties were stolen. Reported March 15th (IMB).

2. Duty AB on routine rounds onboard an anchored tanker noticed one person attempting to climb onboard by using a bamboo stick attached to a hook at 2020 UTC in position 01:42N – 101:28E: About 0.8nm Off Pulat Rupat Off Dumai, Indonesia. The duty AB informed the DO who raised alarm. Seeing the alerted crew and the intruders aborted and moved away. Reported March 19th (IMB).

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