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MDAT GoG (West Africa) Weekly Piracy Report #marsec #piracy #westafrica #mdatgog #shipping

One event was reported to MDAT-GoG this week, which was classified as a false alarm.

The MDAT-GOG has been in operation since 20 June 16. Some vessels / masters are still attempting to register with the now closed MTISCGOG. Masters and CSOs are urged to ensure they have the correct details, these can be found on SHOM Chart 8801CSD or UKHO Chart Q6114, 30 June 2016, to allow them to report their vessels when transiting the revised Voluntary Reporting Area (VRA), also described on both security charts with the MDAT-GOG, using the email address


False alarm

30NM/SOUTH from Monrovia - LIBERIA

On 19th March 2017 at around 14:10ZHrs, in position 05°48N / 010°36W, a merchant vessel spotted a suspicious craft (yacht type) following her for 20 minutes. Merchant vessel proceeded to evasive manoeuvers, then suspicious craft stopped and altered course. MDAT-GoG Comments: After contact with the ship master, it appeared that craft wasn’t fitted with piracy tools (ladder…). A fishing rod had been seen on board. MDAT-GoG so classified this event as a false alarm.

Download full report here:

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