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Pirate Action Group Possible Initial Operating Area- at least 8 pirates, heavy weapons & 2 skiff

The Pirate Action Group (PAG) of the Hijacked Dhow CASAYR II - No.30 and 2 skiffs was last reported by UKMTO to be resupplying with Pirates (at least 8) and Heavy Weapons in Banderbeyla at 21:25 on the 24th.

The PAG could be operating at least 240nm from the coast in the first 24 - 36 hours if making 7 - 10 kts.

The VLCC Island Splendor was attacked around 220nm from the Somali Coast in 2013, so this is seen as an area with possible targets for the pirates and also close enough to the coast to minimise the chance of interference by Military Forces.

Vessels are advised to open the range between the coast between them and the coast and to remain alert,

Stay alert for a Dhow: CASAYR II - No.30, Upper part is white and lower brown, accompanied by 2 skiffs.

For more advice on preparations, planning, or Armed Security contact one of the ASKET team today.

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