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IMB ICC Live Piracy & Armed Robbery Report 2017 - Reported to #IMB #ICC in Last 7 days #ASKET #m


Bulk Carrier

22.03.2017: 2315 LT:

Posn: 19:48.85S - 034:50.06E, Berth No 6, Port of Beira, Mozambique

During cargo operations, duty crew on routine rounds onboard a bulk carrier noticed two robbers armed with knives on the poop deck. Chief Officer informed via walkie talkie. Crew mustered and then proceed to the poop deck. Seeing the crew alertness, the robber jumped overboard and escaped without stealing anything. The incident was reported to the Authorities who boarded the ship to investigate.


Product Tanker

19.03.2017: 2020 UTC:

Posn: 01:42N – 101:28E: About 0.8nm Off Pulat Rupat Off Dumai, Indonesia.

Duty AB on routine rounds onboard an anchored tanker noticed one person attempting to climb onboard by using a bamboo stick attached to a hook. The duty AB informed the DO who raised alarm. Seeing the alerted crew and the intruders aborted and moved away.


LNG Tanker

10.03.2017: 0518 UTC:

Posn : 03:03N - 006:57E,84nm South of Bonny, Nigeria. A speed boat approached and fired upon a LNG tanker. Master raised the alarm, activated the water spray, commenced evasive manoeuvres, activated the SSAS, broadcast a distress message via VHF and mustered non-essential crew in the citadel. The boat managed to come alongside near the mid-ship manifold and attempted to hook on a ladder, which was unsuccessful due to the evasive manoeuvring. A security boat in the vicinity contacted the tanker via VHF and indicated that they were proceeding to assist, and the small boat moved away. The vessel continued her voyage. All crew safe.


Bunkering Tanker1

4.03.2017: 1830 UTC:

Posn: 11:59N – 050:45E, 1nm North of Aluula, Bari, North of Somalia.

Armed pirates boarded and hijacked a bunkering tanker and took hostage it's eight crew members. On 16.03.2017 the crew and vessel were released. All crew safe.

For the latest reports go to the IMB Piracy Reporting Center:

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