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Philippines - Tug and Tow Attacked - 2 Crew Abducted #marsec #piracy

1.7nm off SIBAGO Island

Coastal State:Philippines

Area:South China Sea

Latitude: Longitude: 6° 42’ 33.26”N 122° 24’ 51.84”E

Details of incident:

During the incident, the tug was towing a larger ship, the Panama-flagged SUPER SHUTTLE RORO 9. The incident reportedly occurred at 1.7nm off SIBAGO Island, at position 6° 42’ 33.26”N 122° 24’ 51.84”E. It has also been confirmed that the persons abducted 2 crew members of Filipino nationality, notably the Master and Chief Engineer. Reportedly, the remaining crew are safe and the affected ship is currently transiting in vicinity of SIBAGO Island to assist in investigations by the Philippine authority.

Based on preliminary information by the Philippine authority, the persons reportedly boarded the SUPER SHUTTLE TUGBOAT 1 using a green-hulled wooden speedboat manned by at least three (3) armed gunmen. It is believed the tugboat and its tow came from Cebu and was transiting to General Santos City when the attack occurred. Naval Forces Western Mindanao (NFWM) units are currently in hot pursuit of the speedboat. The speedboat was reported to be headed towards the CANDIIS, TUBURAN or TONGKIL Islands.

Full Report here IMO GSIS

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