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MDAT GoG (West Africa) Weekly Piracy Report #marsec #piracy #westafrica #mdatgog #shipping

Three events reported to MDAT-GoG this

01/04/17 Irregular activity 220/565NM from Monrovia - LIBERIA

At around 19:00ZHrs in position 00°56S / 016°49W, as she was about to enter the VRA, a merchant vessel was contacted by phone by a man pretending to be an agent. He tried to have the track planned by the vessel in the VRA and pretended as well that it was planned to create a convoy in VRA in order to escort the merchant ships up to and to set up there a meeting point 150Nm off Bonny - NIGERIA. MDAT-GoG comment: After investigation, it appears that the phone call was given by a new and mandated company, which works with the consent of Bonny LNG Terminal.


Sighting 180/54NM from Sekondi - GHANA

At around 20:35ZHrs in position 04°04N / 001°36W, a vessel was followed and approached up to 0.5 Nm. Effective anti-piracy reactions were immediately taken by crew. The darkness didn’t allow any clear identification of the approaching vessel.

04/04/17 Irregular activity 180/10NM from Lagos - NIGERIA

At around 03:35ZHrs in position 06°16N / 003°11E, a duty team on board a merchant vessel spotted a movement on forecastle deck area. Alarm was then raised, and assistance from Nigerian Navy ship requested. After investigation, nobody was found on board and nothing was reported stolen.

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