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Key Piracy Threat Areas - Updated - Stay Alert - Stay Informed - Stay Safe #marsec #piracy

ASKET Piracy Chart

After the possible Hijacking of the OS35 Bulk Carrier at the edge of the IRTC (circled) we would like to irriterate our previous warnings issued on the 5th April.

It has been reported that at least 8 Pirate Groups are active in the region and as they have more successes and grow in confidence we may see them expand their interests, broaden their operating area and also look for more lucrative targets.

All vessels in the area should review their security preparations in line with the ISPS code and BMP 4 measures.

Checklists, anti piracy bridge cards, training and advice are also available via ASKET resources page and the ASKET Maritime Security App.

Vessels at higher risk, low free board and low speed should consider carrying armed security.

For free advice and information or to request a comparison quote for armed security please contact our team:

ASKET Broking Team


Tel: +44 7827 012 195

Tel: +971 528 333 164

Armed Transit Quote Comparison Request

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