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UKMTO Weekly Piracy Report #piracy #marsec #ukmto

1. UKMTO have released two Warnings and three Advisory Notices this week (see page 3).

2. OS35 was hijacked on 08 Apr 17, Ref WARNING NOTICE 001/APR/ 2017. The ship’s company managed to secure themselves within a citadel and establish communications. This action allowed the military freedom of manoeuvre to board and secure the vessel. The crew are all safe with no reported injuries. There was a rapid response by the military community with close cooperation between navies operating independently and those operating under EUNAVFOR and CMF.

3. Safe Sino was reported as having coming under attack on 14 Apr 17, Ref WARNING NOTICE 002/APR/ 2017. Subsequent investigations indicates that this would appear to be a local dispute with Yemen authorities from the port of Nishtun. Vessel and crew are safe.

4. UKMTO have been advised that Al Kausar, which was reported as having been hijacked on 01 Apr 17, Ref ADVISORY NOTICE 001/APR/ 2017, has been released and that all crew are now safe.

5. Due to the recent increase in incidents all shipping transiting the area should remain vigilant. As previously advised by UKMTO, it is highly recommended to fully follow the guidance given in Best Management Practices for Protection against Somalia Based Piracy 4 (BMP4), copy at the following link

6. In addition to the issuing of Warnings and Advisories UKMTO may endeavour to contact merchant shipping in the area of an incident. To ensure that records are maintained up to date it is requested that shipping adhere to the reporting format and guidelines detailed within BMP4.

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