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IMB ICC Live Piracy & Armed Robbery Report 2017 - Reported to #IMB #ICC in Last 7 days #ASKET #m

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Bulk Carrier

08.04.2017: 1310 UTC:

Posn: 14:02N – 051:40E: 147nm SE off Al Mukalla, Gulf of Aden.

While underway armed pirates in a skiff came alongside and boarded a tanker. The Master and crew stopped the engine and retreated into the citadel and requested for help. On 09.04.2017 the vessel was boarded by authorities and all crew rescued. No pirates were found on board. The crew resumed control of the vessel and sailed to a safe port.


Crude Tanker

This incident will not be included in the IMB statistics. 08.04.2017:

0520 UTC: Posn: 14:09N - 051:37E,

Gulf of Aden

A suspicious skiff with three persons on board approached a tanker underway. Alarm raised, crew alerted and onboard security guard showed weapons. Seeing the vessel hardening and alerted crew, the skiff aborted the approach and moved away from the tanker. All crew safe. The tanker continued her passage.


Bulk Carrier

07.04.2017: 0100 - 0300 UTC:

Posn: 05:52.11S – 013:02.49E, Congo River, Angola.

Duty crew on routine rounds onboard an anchored bulk carrier noticed six robbers on the forecastle and immediately informed the duty officer on the bridge. Alarm and ships whistle sounded. Seeing the alerted crew, the robbers escaped in their boat with the stolen ship’s properties.

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