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IMB ICC Live Piracy & Armed Robbery Report 2017 - Reported to #IMB #ICC in Last 7 days #ASKET #m


Product Tanker

22.04.2017: 1442 UTC: Posn: 05:42N - 048:53E, Around 5.7nm East of Somali Coast, Somalia.

Six armed persons in a skiff chased and fired upon a tanker underway. Master raised the alarm and sent distress message, to which a warship responded. The skiff chased the tanker for nearly two hours and then moved away due to the continuous evasive manoeuvres. One crew reported injured.


LPG Tanker

22.04.2017: 0300 LT:

Posn: 13:40.5N - 121:03.1E, Batangas, Philippines

Unnoticed, robbers boarded a LPG tanker at berth, stole the ship’s properties and escaped. The theft was discovered by the crew during routine rounds.


Bulk Carrier

19.04.2017: 1800 UTC:

Posn: 00:15.7S - 117:34.5E, Muara Berau Anchorage, Samarinda, Indonesia.

Three robbers boarded an anchored bulk carrier. Alarm raised and crew mustered. Seeing the crew alertness, the robbers escaped without stealing anything.


Crude Oil Tanker

19.04.2017: 0845 UTC:

Posn: 03:25N - 005:46E, around 59nm SSW of Brass, Nigeria

Nine pirates in a skiff approached and fired upon a tanker underway. Alarm raised, fire pumps started and non-essential crew retreated to the citadel. Vessel increased speed and conduct evasive maneuvers. While the Master communicated with the escort vessel the skiff was seen aborting and moving away. Crew and tanker reported safe.


Tug19.04.2017: 0934 UTC:

Posn: 04:06.43N - 006:15.34E, around 10.8nm South of Brass, Nigeria

An offshore tug was attacked and boarded by armed persons. They kidnapped eight crew members and escaped. The Nigerian Navy responded to the incident. One crew was reported injured and evacuated by helicopter.


Fishing Vessel


Posn: Vicinity of Taganak Island, Philippines.

A fishing trawler with three crew onboard sailed from Sandakan Jetty on 18.01.2017 at around 1500 LT for fishing activities. On 19.01.2017 at around 1500 LT, the Owners received information from the Marine Police of Sandakan that the fishing vessel was found drifting at Taganak Island without crew members. Information from Taganak Authorities indicated that the vessel was found without the crew. The vessel was towed to Taganak for investigation. The missing three crew members are believed to be kidnapped.



This incident will not be included in the IMB statistics. 16.04.2017: 1022 UTC:

Posn: 12:49.1N – 043:16.0E, Bab el Mandeb, Red Sea.

Three suspicious, blue hull skiffs with five persons in each approached a container ship underway. Master raised the alarm, the non-essential crew retreated into the citadel and the armed security team showed their weapons. Master informed the coalition warship about the approaching skiffs. When the skiffs were around one nm from the ship, the armed team fired a rocket flair resulting in the skiffs aborting the approach.

At 1035 UTC, another white hull skiff with six persons onboard approached the ship. The security team fired another rocket flair towards the skiff resulting in the skiff crossing the ships bow and moving away. At 1050 UTC, another two skiffs were seen approaching the ship. At a distance of 0.7nm from the ship the security guards showed their weapons resulting in the skiffs aborting and seen heading towards Mayyun. All crew safe. The ship continued her passage.



23.03.2017: 1159 LT: Posn: Around 24nm SE of Sibago Island, Philippines.

Six persons armed with rifles in speed boats approached a tug towing a ro-ro ship. They boarded the tug, stole crew and vessel documents, kidnapped two crew and escaped with stolen properties. The incident was reported to the Philippines Authorities who conducted a rescue operation and successfully rescued the two kidnapped crew.


Product Tanker

14.04.2017: 0700 UTC: Posn: 15:55.56N – 052:20.75E, around 10nm NE of Nishtun, Yemen.

Six armed persons in a small boat approached and fired upon an anchored product tanker. They attempted to board the tanker several times but due to the vessel hardening failed and moved away. All crew safe.


Product Tanker

15.04.2017: 1306 UTC: Posn: 12:53.77N – 048:02.52E, Gulf of Aden.

Around five to six pirates armed with automatic weapons in a white coloured skiff approached and fired upon a product tanker underway. Master raised the alarm, contacted UKMTO and the non-essential crew members took shelter in the citadel. Warship in the vicinity informed. The armed security team onboard returned fire resulting in the pirates aborting the attack and moving away. Crew and tanker safe.

For the latest reports go to the IMB Piracy Reporting Center:

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