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Office of Naval Intelligence #ONI  - Worldwide Threat to Shipping (WTS) Report #marsec #piracy #ship

Office of Naval Intelligence

Worldwide Threat to Shipping (WTS) Report

Table of Contents

1.Scope Note


3.Counter-Piracy and Maritime Crime Announcements and Advisories

4.Details: Monthly Incidents by Region

5.Appendix A: Further Contact Information and Resources

6.Appendix B: Terminology and References

1. (U) Scope Note

(U) The Worldwide Threat to Shipping (WTS) message provides info on piracy threats to, and criminal action against, merchant vessels and the shipping industry worldwide in the last 30 days. This report is produced primarily to inform merchant mariners and naval forces.

3. (U) Summary

A. (U) LIBYA: On 26 April, five Russian sailors from a freighter detained in Libya have been released and taken back home.

B. (U) NIGERIA: On 26 April, the Nigerian Navy arrested 10 suspects after intercepting a vessel carrying stolen crude oil off the coast of the Niger Delta.

C. (U) UKRAINE: On 25 April, the Security Service of Ukraine working jointly with border guards seized 180 kilograms of amphetamine in Odessa.

D. (U) NIGERIA: On 25 April, five Filipino seafarers who were kidnapped by Nigerian pirates last month returned home and were reunited with their families in Manila.

E. (U) PHILIPPINES: On 23 April, suspected illegal fishermen managed to elude arrest by ramming their fishing vessel into the small boat being used by policemen.

F. (U) ECUADOR: On 23 April, six Peru-flagged fishing vessels were detained during an operation carried out in the province of El Oro.

G. (U) PHILIPPINES: On 22 April, an unknown number of robbers boarded an LPG tanker at berth, in Batangas Anchorage.

H. (U) SOMALIA: On 22 April, six armed persons in a skiff chased and fired upon the underway tanker COSTINA 30 nm northeast of Hobyo.

I. (U) SOUTH AFRICA: On 20 April, a Tanzanian teenager was rescued after his hand was caught in the hawse pipe of a ship as he was attempting to stow away onboard a ship at Maydon Wharf 5 in Durban.

J. (U) INDONESIA: On 19 April, three robbers boarded an anchored bulk carrier in Samarinda Anchorage.

L. (U) PHILIPPINES: On 18 April, armed men tried to commandeer a cargo vessel off the waters of Zamboanga del Norte.

M. (U) GUATEMALA: On 10 April, one robber boarded an anchored at Bahia de Graciosa. . UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED

N. (U) HONDURAS: On 6 April, a yacht with 2 persons onboard anchored off Graham's Place was boarded by four armed men.

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