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UKMTO Weekly Piracy Report #piracy #marsec #ukmto

1. UKMTO have released one Warning and two Advisories this week.

2. MV Paraskevi reported to UKMTO on 01 May 17 that it was being approached by 5 skiffs who closed to 0.2NM on both port and starboard. Ref WARNING NOTICE 001/MAY/2017. The Armed Security Team (AST) fired warning shots and the skiffs withdrew, vessel and crew are safe.

3. UKMTO received reports of 3 to 4 skiffs, each with up to 5 persons on board (POB), in vicinity of the BabEl-Mandeb strait. Ref ADVISORY NOTICE 001/MAY/2017. Closest point of approach (CPA) was 1.5NM with no aggressive intensions seen.

4. MV Seiyo Harmony advised UKMTO that a group of 9 skiffs with 3 POB were sighted in the IRTC. Ref ADVISORY NOTICE 002/MAY/2017. CPA was 0.6NM, the AST fired 2 warning shots and the Skiffs withdrew.

5. Mariners should be aware of an additional incident that occurred in position 0223.57N 04641.17E. Two skiffs closed on a vessel from astern and the AST fired warning shots, the skiffs slowed their speed however continued to follow for in excess of an hour. Advice to adhere to BMP 4 remains in place.

6. UKMTO Dubai will be hosting the Maritime Information Exchange Vessel Operators’ Meeting (MIEVOM) on 18 May 2017. Anyone wishing to attend contact UKMTO to confirm their details ASAP.

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