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Weather West Africa Meteorological Bulletin MET Area II (Abbreviated) - Cape Verde to Gulf of Guinea

FQNT52 LFPW 071909



Weather bulletin on METAREA 2,

METEO-FRANCE Toulouse, Sunday 7 May 2017 at 2215 UTC.

Wind speed in BEAUFORT SCALE.

Sea state in DOUGLAS SCALE.

Please be aware, wind gusts can be a further 40 percent stronger than

the averages given here, and maximum waves may be up to twice the

significant height.

Part 1 : NO WARNING.

Part 2 : General synopsis, Sunday 7 at 12 UTC

Large low 989 43N32W, with little move, expected 993 by 09/00 UTC.

High 1046 over Greenland, expected 1041 by 09/00 UTC. Associated

ridge extending southeastwards to Bay of Biscay.

Tropical wave from 03S27W to 07N27W, moving west at 18 KT.Associated

strong convection from 04S-07N between 21W-27W.

Monsoon trough extends from 08N12W to 05N13W. ITCZ extends from

05N13W to 01S27W then00N40W.

Part 3 : Area forecasts to Tuesday 9 at 00 UTC


In north, Variable 2 to 4, mainly West in far north.

In south, North or Northeast 3 or 4, at times 5 in far east,

increasing 4 or 5 at end, locally 6 in far east.

Moderate, increasing rough in NW swell.

Some showers in north. Sand haze in south later.


North or Northeast 4 or 5, locally 6 in southeast at end.

Moderate increasing rough in NW swell at end.

Some thundery showers near coasts. Sand haze later.


North 4 or 5, locally 6 in east, increasing 5 or 6 at end.

Moderate or rough.

Sand haze later.


Northeasterly 4 or 5, but locally Variable 1 to 3 in far southeast.

Moderate or rough in S swell, abating moderate later.

Some thundersqualls in far south.


South or Southeast 2 to 4.

Moderate, locally rough in west in S swell.



Southeast 4 or 5.

Moderate, locally rough in west in S swell.

Some thundersqualls mainly in north.

Part 4 : outlook for next 24 hours

Easterly near gale in north of FINISTERRE and south of PAZENN

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