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MDAT GoG (West Africa) Weekly Piracy Report #marsec #piracy #westafrica #mdatgog #shipping

4 incidents reported this week



22NM/180 from Port Harcourt, NIGERIA

At around 11:20ZHrs in position 03°59.00N – 006°46.00E, a merchant vessel was attacked while anchored off Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The vessel contacted the Nigerian Navy for assistance. At around 18:30ZHrs, vessel berthed in Bonny port, NIGERIA. MDAT-GoG Comment: This event refers to Warning 001/MAY/17 and Update Warning 001/MAY/2017.



20NM/180 from the shore, NIGERIA

At around 20:00ZHrs, in position 04°13.00N – 007°58.00E (QUA IBOE TERMINAL, EXXON oilfield, 10 nm North/West from OFON platform), a merchant vessel was boarded by two speed boats each manned by 6 to 8 pirates. As they sighted the speedboats, the crewmembers raised the alarm and retreated in safe haven for 2 hours. No casualty nor abduction were reported. The attackers fled as another merchant vessel arrived in support of the attacked vessel. MDAT-GoG Comment: This event refers to Advisory 004/MAY/17.


Irregular activity

40NM/160 from Tema, GHANA

At around 13:30ZHrs, in position 05°02.00N – 000°17.00E, a merchant vessel reported a small boat fitted by 6 persons approaching her on port side at a speed of 7.5knots. At a distance of 4NM the boat increased its speed and altered course away. Suspicious craft then headed towards a tanker and, most likely, boarded her. Tanker set adrift for a short time and then proceeded to the shore. MDAT-GoG Comment: MDAT-GoG has no more information regarding this incident.


Suspicious approach

37NM/140 from Bonny, NIGERIA

At around 02:24ZHrs, in position 03°58.13N – 007°33.49E (Yoho, Nigeria customary anchorage), a merchant vessel was approached by two skiffs with total 8 or 9 persons at a distance of 2 meters. Suspicious craft approached vessel’s stern and proceeded to starboard side. Crew was alerted and did all actions required. Terminal security patrol boat was informed. Terminal security patrol boat arrived after about 15 min, patrolled surrounding area with no any findings

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