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#UKMTO MIEVOM - Maritime Security: Quality, Compliance & Reliance

ASKET Ltd were delighted to present at the UKMTO MIEVOM last week our presentation entitled 'Maritime Security: Quality, Compliance & Reliance'

We discussed whether to ensure compliance that there has to be a minimum cost for PMSC's to do business.

Does the constant slashing of pricing undermine the industry and support those PMSCs that are willing to cut corners and take risks.

Does this place the shipping company, insurer and cargo owner at risk?

Examples of recent infringements seen by our compliance team:

•Knowingly breaking UN Sanctions without informing the ship owner (Oil Major Cargo)

•Embarking team and weapons with no intention of gaining Flag State Approval

•Renting of weapons between PMSC’s

•Borrowing personnel & equipment from another PMSC to fulfill a GUARDCON contract as PMSC does not have capability

•Using substandard agencies to provide MSO’s that are clearly under qualified

•Declaring that intelligence and tracking was provided through a third party where the subscription had actually been cancelled many months before

Please feel free to request a copy of our presentation by e mailing

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