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UKMTO Weekly Piracy Report #piracy #marsec #ukmto

1. UKMTO released one Advisory this week (see page 3).

2. On 23 May 17 it was reported that an Iranian fishing boat had allegedly been seized in the vicinity of Caluula, Puntland. A single but credible local source informed authorities that there may be armed men on board the dhow and their intent was to use the dhow for piracy. UKMTO is unable to validate this report however aerial reconnaissance carried out by an EUNAVOR asset on 25 May does indicate that the dhow is no longer off the Caluula anchorage and its current whereabouts is unknown. A photograph of the dhow is shown on page 3. Ships transiting the area are advised to increase vigilance and proceed with extreme caution (a + c).

3. This month EUNAVFOR and its counter piracy partners are holding talks to try to establish the judicial procedures for the legal prosecution of individuals suspected of being involved in acts of piracy (d)

Download full report here

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