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UKMTO Warning - Update Tanker Attacked by RPG #marsec #piracy #terrorism Pirates or Houthie Rebels?


Merchant Vessel attacked in Posn 123347N 0432924E at 310715MayUTC. Vessel is SAFE

Vessels transiting the area are advised to exercise extreme caution

UKMTO Watchkeeper


IMB ICC 072-17Crude Oil Tanker31.05.2017: 0650 UTC: Posn: 12:35.03N – 043:25.48E, Bab el-Mandeb, Red Sea.

Three pirates in a skiff armed with RPG chased and fired upon a laden tanker underway enroute from Fujairah to Rabigh. Alarm raised and the non-essential crew members mustered in the citadel. The onboard armed security team fired warning shots resulting in the skiff moved away.

A second skiff followed the tanker.

UKMTO notified and two warships were reported proceeding to the area. All equipments are reported to be operational and no injuries to crew. The tanker is safe and continued her passage.

ASKET: The attack may have been carried out by Pirates or as seen before Houthie Rebels

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