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MDAT GoG (West Africa) Weekly Piracy Report #marsec #piracy #westafrica #mdatgog #shipping

Two incidents reported this week



7NM inside Bayelsa State Waterways, NIGERIA

At about 21:40Z hrs in position 04°30N - 005°55E, a small merchant vessel was attacked. Criminals kidnapped crew-members and escaped using double engine speedboats. The speedboats later capsized and some of the crew-members may have died. Only one hostage survived. MDAT-GoG comment: This event was reported to MDAT-GoG two days after it took place. It concerned a small vessel inland with no IMO.



12NM/273 from Freetown, SIERRA LEONE

At about 02:00Z hrs in position 08°26.33N - 013°28.16W, a merchant vessel anchored off Freetown was boarded by thieves. Ship's properties were reported stolen during duty crew during routine round.

Download the full report here

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