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IMB ICC Live Piracy & Armed Robbery Report 2017 - Reported to #IMB #ICC in Last 7 days #ASKET #m



26.05.2017: 0200 UTC: Posn: 08:26.33N - 013:28.16W, Free Town Offroads Anchorage, Sierra Leone

Unnoticed, robber boarded an anchored container ship, stole ship’s properties and escaped. The theft was discovered by duty crew during routine rounds.


Product Tanker

28.05.2017: 1500 UTC: Posn: 02:49.9N - 105:17.4E, Around 24nm West of Pulau Jemaja, Indonesia.

While underway, six persons armed with guns boarded a tanker using a rope. They tied up the crew, threatened them with their weapons, stole ship’s cash and Masters personal belongings and escaped. Incident reported to the CSO, who notified the authorities.


Bulk Carrier

31.05.2017: 2100 UTC: Posn: 07:45.65S - 109:04.25E, Cilacap Anchorage, Indonesia.

Unnoticed robbers boarded an anchored bulk carrier, stole ship’s properties and escaped. The theft was noticed by the duty crew during routine rounds. Incident reported to the local agents.


Product Tanker

01.06.2017: 0430 UTC: Posn: 23:32.4N - 060:26.3E, Around 103 NM East of Muscat, Oman

Six persons armed with guns in a skiff approached and fired upon a tanker underway. Alarm raised, non-essential crew retreated to the citadel. Speed increased, evasive manoeuvres conducted and onboard armed security team fired warning shots resulting in the skiffs moving away. A mother vessel was seen in the vicinity. Vessel is safe.

For the latest reports go to the IMB Piracy Reporting Center:

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