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Be Cyber Aware at Sea - June News Letter - Phish & Chips #7 #marsec #cybersecurity @CyberAwareAt

Phish & Chips #3

Welcome to issue 7 of “Phish & Ships”, the maritime cyber security newsletter, keeping you up to date with the maritime and offshore industry initiative, “Be Cyber Aware At Sea”.

This issue of cyber security has come to the fore in the media in recent weeks, prompted by the ransomware attacks on the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom. The concerns over the effect of such a large scale attack have rumbled on, but the knock on effect has been a reassessment of the vulnerabilities in other industries, including shipping.

Don’t put the lives of seafarers at risk, don’t make ships vulnerable, or put cargo at risk, for the sake of investment in the right IT tools to do the job. So, Be Cyber Aware At Sea, and do the right thing to protect shipping from the many cyber risks facing it.

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