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@ReCAAP_ISC ReCAAP ISC Weekly Report 13 - 19 June 2017 #piracy #marsec #SEAS #shipping #insurance #p

Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia


During 13-19 June 17, two incidents of armed robbery against ships in Asia were reported to the ReCAAP ISC by the ReCAAP Focal Point (Singapore). The locations of the incidents are shown in map below; and detailed descriptions tabulated in attachment.

Joint Patrols in Sulu Sea

On 19 June 17, the Philippine Department of National Defence (DND) announced that Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines had launched a trilateral maritime patrol to address the increasing incidence of piracy, armed robbery against ships, kidnapping of crew at sea and other transnational crime along the shared areas of the three countries. Given the vast areas to be patrolled, DND explained that it is necessary for the three countries to join force to ensure that the waters remain safe and secure. The ReCAAP ISC will update on the joint maritime patrol when more information is available.

Update on Royal 16 – Rescue of Crew

The Focal Point (Philippines) reported to the ReCAAP ISC that while the government troops were conducting military operations, they successfully rescued and recovered a crew of a Vietnamese flag bulk carrier, Royal 16 in Sumipsip, Basilan., Philippines. The crew was abducted at Sibagu Island on 11 Nov 16 (after being held in captivity for more than seven months). Bulk carrier, Royal 16 was boarded by 10 armed men on 11 Nov 16 who abducted its six crew and wounded two. To date, the remaining five crew of Royal 16 are still being held in captivity. The incident was reported in previous ReCAAP ISC Weekly Reports covering the period 8-14 Nov 16.

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