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Be Cyber Aware at Sea - July News Letter - Phish & Chips #8 #marsec #cybersecurity @CyberAwareAt

Phish & Chips #3

Welcome to issue 8 of “Phish & Ships”, the maritime cyber security newsletter, keeping you up to date with the maritime and offshore industry initiative, “Be Cyber Aware At Sea”.

In the previous issue we looked at the fallout of the “wannacry” ransomware attack; this time round it is “Petya” which has been making the headlines. This most recent ransomware attack crippled a wide range of global businesses, from airports, banks and even the government of Ukraine. For us though, the fact that shipping giant Maersk was caught out serves as clear, unequivocal proof that shipping companies are in the cyber firing line.

Just one click is all it takes - and so people need to be trained, aware and able to react properly. Without that awareness, the risks turn to reality, and that is what we are seeing today.

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