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A storming success - BMP 4 - HRA Quiz! #marsec #piracy #shipping

Thank you to all those that have taken our Anti Piracy BMP 4 Quiz so far and those CSO's that have asked for a version to send out to their Masters and SSO's.

We are pleased to see so many people from all over the industry getting involved, have you tried it yet?

This quick Quiz is designed for all those involved in vessels transiting through the High Risk Area (HRA), in particular Bridge Officers and Vessel Crew's allowing them to test their own knowledge and revise on Best Practices for their voyage.

With input from various authorities and organisations with links to useful documents and guidance the quiz includes questions relating to the ISPS code, BMP 4, reporting procedures, watch keeping, use of armed guards, and rules for the use of force.

We hope that the quiz helps to remind Masters, Officers and crews of some of the good practice advice and guidance available to help them conduct a safe transit.

The quiz is live and able to be updated at any time so please feel free to send us more ideas or suggestions we are happy to credit your question to you or your organisation if used.

Start here, good luck: HRA BMP 4 Quiz

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