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Reported Incidents of Container Ship Robberies in Manila Anchorage #marsec #shipping #piracy

In the past 2 months there have been 4 reporeted incidents of robberies, boarding's or attempted boarding's of Container ships in Manila South Harbour Anchorage, Masters and SSO's are reminded to remain vigilant, ensure that all doors, hatches and stores are secured and to conduct regular security rounds.



15.08.2017: 2050 UTC:

Posn: 14:33.9N – 120:55.59E, Manila South Harbour Anchorage, Philippines.

Alert duty crew on security rounds, onboard an anchored container ship noticed two persons inside the starboard hawse pipe trying to open the cover and gain access onto the ship. Crew alerted and alarm raised. Hearing the alerted crew the two robbers escaped in a waiting boat along with three accomplices. Incident reported to VTMS Manila via VHF.



09.08.2017: 1740 UTC:

Posn: 14:32.79N – 120:55.35E, Manila Anchorage, Philippines.

Robbers boarded an anchored container ship and entered the forecastle store. Security guard on routine rounds noticed the robbers and raised the alarm. Seeing the alerted crew, the robbers escaped with ship’s properties.



10.07.2017: 1750 LT:

Posn: 14:33.8N -120:54.9E, Manila South Harbour Anchorage, Philippines

Unnoticed robbers boarded an anchored container, stole ship’s properties and escaped. The theft was noticed by the duty crew during routine rounds. Incident reported to the Coast Guard.

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14.07.2017 1130 UTC:

Posn: 14:33.3N – 120:55.2E, Manila South Harbour Anchorage, Philippines.

Two robbers boarded an anchored container ship via the hawse pipe. Duty watch keeper informed the Chief Officer who raised the alarm. Crew mustered and moved towards the forward. Seeing the alerted crew, the robbers escaped with ship’s properties. Manila VTMS informed. The coast guard boarded the ship for investigation.

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