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Attempted Robbery, Lagos General Purpose Anchorage, Nigeria. @IMB_Piracy @IMOHQ #marsec #piracy #shi

IMB ICC 105-17

Product Tanker

19.08.2017: 0250 UTC:

Posn: 06:20.7N – 003:18.2E, Lagos General Purpose Anchorage, Nigeria.

Alert duty watch keepers onboard the bridge of an anchored tanker spotted a floating object near the stbd bow and informed the armed security guard who fired warning shots.

One robber was seen jumping overboard from the forecastle. Alarm raised and PA announced made. All crew except watch keepers retreated to the citadel. After the security guards checked the deck areas the crew emerged from the citadel and carried out a thorough search of the vessel. They noticed a flexible hose pipe inserted into a Butterworth pocket of No. 1S COT.

One robber was noticed hiding in the hawse pipe, was apprehended and tied up by the security guard and later handed over to the local agents.

It was reported that the robbers had managed to steal some oil from the tanker.

ASKET Operations Piracy & Maritime Security Alerts 2017

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