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Cyber Aware at Sea – Sextorsion (Video)

Maritime Cyprus

Effective IT security is about far more than deploying the latest hardware technology and software solutions. It is also about how the first line of defense behaves; how those that use and interact with the costly infrastructure react to threats and problems and how they view the risks inherent with day to day operations.

This educational resource is aimed at changing the way those at the sharp end behave, building a first line of defence against cyber attacks, system failures and the occasional act of potentially costly stupidity.

Sponsored by NSSLGlobal and working with a number of other maritime partners Fidra have developed an engaging, entertaining and effective tool in the fight against data loss, theft and corruption. Any one of these could have an outcome ranging from inconvenient through to being financially costly or ultimately being responsible for a major incident.

Sextorsion Video:

Original article Maritime Cyprus

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