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Be Cyber Aware at Sea - September News Letter - Phish & Chips #10 #marsec #cybersecurity @CyberA

Phish & Chips #3

Welcome to issue 10 of “Phish & Ships”, the maritime cyber security newsletter, keeping you up to date with the maritime and offshore industry initiative, “Be Cyber Aware At Sea”. Given that we are working in the cyber and digital domain, the fact that we have reached issue 10 of Phish & Ships is a real landmark. It’s a binary thing.

Anyway, in this issue we are pleased to have packed in as much information as possible. We look back on the pain and costs associated with cyber losses. We also explore the old technologies which could re-emerge as vessels seek to protect themselves against GPS weaknesses. In addition, inside we explore the development of best practices when it comes to cyber security, and the ways in which the shipping industry needs to be more resilient in the face of the risks facing it. Once more, our good friends at Novae Group have provided us with another incredibly thought provoking piece, where they urge shipping companies not to wait for patches, but to act proactively.

We also look at the basic steps to deal with cyber risks and threats, and explore the panic that can spread when these impact safety of navigation. Are we seeing an age of cyber assisted collisions? There is also a look at the mitigation strategies that are used in other industries, and the models that could be transposed effectively onto the maritime domain.

We hope this latest issue of Phish & Ships provides further insight into the issues, and helps you and your staff to become cyber aware. Share this newsletter, talk about the issues and stay safe.

See https://www.becyberawareatsea. com/ for more details.

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