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Chennai 6 Awareness Film & Family Impact Statement Released @hratsea @TheChennai6

Human Rights at Sea continues to support the case of the crew of the MV Seaman Guard Ohio, including the British maritime security guards who were detained on 12th October 2013 in the Indian Port of Tuticorin for possession of illegal arms and environmental pollution.

Indian authorities subsequently arrested the six British nationals, three Ukrainians, fourteen Estonians as well as twelve Indians. The vessel was owned by the AdvanFort Company who stopped paying the crew salaries in November 2013.

The six British guards have now been imprisoned in the notorious Chennai Puzhal prison for two years of a five year sentence, having been deprived of their liberty for four years so far.

Human Rights at Sea, alongside Whittaker & Co and Global Maritime Recruitment Solutions has funded a new awareness film to assure the continuing and accurate recording of the true narrative in this tragic case.

The charity has further published a detailed ‘Family Impact Statement’ within its Case Studies on-line area outlining the impact on one of the families authored by Lisa Dunn, sister of Nick Dunn. Her statement is compelling reading and brings the case alive on a human basis as to

the consequences of the failure to support crew members arrested in foreign jurisdictions without proper insurance provisions, owner and legal support.

Article and links here: Human Rights at Sea

Family Impact Statement from Lisa Dunn

The film can be viewed on the Human Rights at Sea home page here

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