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UKMTO Weekly Piracy Report #piracy #marsec #ukmto #insurance #pandi

1. This week UKMTO issued no Advisories or Warnings.

2. As indicated in last week’s report, on 4 Sep 17 UKMTO released a Notice on behalf of CTF151 which advises of a focused operation off the Horn of Africa between 14 and 28 September 2017. See page 4 for full details of UKMTO NOTICE 001/SEP/2017.

3. This week UKMTO issued NOTICE 002/SEP/2017, drawing attention to the implementation of the CMF Maritime Security Transit Corridor. See page 5 for details. This has been covered in the media, articles (a), (b) and (c) refer.

4. The last of the pirates held in the Indian judicial system were found guilty and sentenced to seven years. Article (d) gives further details.

5. After recent navigational incidents in the AsiaPacific Theatre, the US Navy is conducting a review of their operations in the Gulf region. Article (f) refers. 6. The UAE's Federal Transport Authority for Land and Maritime has rescued 60 men from 14 ships who were abandoned aboard merchant vessels in UAE waters by their owners. Article (f) refers.

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