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Updated Piracy / Maritime / Cyber Incident Alert Form to include Cyber Alerts #cybersecurity #piracy

ASKET include Cyber Incidents on it's free to use Situational Awareness Platform and Incident Submission Form

The easy to use form can be completed online or via your mobile phone, or from an e mail sent to our team. ASKET collect information from as many sources as possible and share it in one place, including CSO's. Masters, Security Companies, and Security teams at sea, UKMTO, MDAT GoG, ReCAAP, IMO etc.

After receiving some feedback we have updated our alert submission form to include Cyber incidents.

Please feel free to submit any incidents of maritime security via our form, where it will be checked and then posted on our free to share global security alerts and used to build on our open intelligence picture. Open here or save this link for future use

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