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Shipowner cyber risks on the rise, survey shows @IHS4Maritime @BIMCOnews @CyberAwareatSea #cybersecu

The June cyber attack that will end up costing Maersk an estimated USD200–300 million was considered by many a wake-up call for the maritime industry, but the results of an exclusive cyber risk survey, with responses from 284 individuals, reveal that shipowners may still be highly vulnerable to future threats.

The Fairplay Maritime Cyber Security Survey 2017, conducted by Fairplay, in association with shipowner representative BIMCO and supported by the “Be Cyber Aware At Sea Campaign” (an industry initiative of 85 maritime-affiliated companies), leveraged off a benchmark survey conducted in 2016 to uncover trends in how the industry is preparing for escalating cyber risks.

This year’s survey, which took place during August, was also made more comprehensive than last year’s survey by drilling down into three respondent segments – executives, managers, and crew – to better assess cyber awareness among organisation levels.

The results, for the most part, were not encouraging. Asked whether their company had experienced a cyber attack within the last 12 months, 34% of 195 respondents answered “yes” – an increase from the 21% that answered that way in 2016. At the same time, 49% answered “no” to the question, compared with 57% last year.

The results will be discussed in detail during a forthcoming webinar on 19 October, to read the full article or to register go to IHS Fairplay

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