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Incidents of Criminal Boarding's off Venezuela 2017 #marsec #piracy @IMOHQ @IMB_Piracy

The above map indicates incidents of criminal boarding's in Venezuela in 2017.

Most incidents have occurred at anchor in the hours of darkness between approximately 22:30 and 2:30 Local Time.

Useful information for MASTERs

EMERGENCY RESPONSE CENTRE: National Organization for Rescue and Maritime Safety of the Aquatic Areas of Venezuela (ONSA AC) is a civilian, non-governmental and non-profit association, dedicated to:

  1. the support and cooperation of the respective authorities in carrying the tasks of maritime safety, navigation and ecological balance

  2. to perform search and rescue operations at sea, waterways and other aquatic areas nationwide; and

  3. to encourage the development of the system and the organization of rescue and maritime safety in National Waters with the end of contributing in the preservation of human lives at sea and the protection of the Marine Environment.

The Venezuelan Coast Guard is a support entity for control and inspections. Their ships are painted grey, mostly because they are military vessels. The Coast Guard listens on VHF Channel 16 throughout 24 hours, although in reality, it can sometimes be difficult to get a response. No English speaking is reported by radio operators.

There are other entities that are also related with the control and inspection of vessels, such as the National Guard; its maritime division, known as Vigilancia Costera, is involved particularly with drug and Customs inspections.

Contact: National Organization for Rescue and Maritime Safety of the Aquatic Areas of Venezuela. Tel: +58 (212) 715 7105.

PIRACY: There have been incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships and small vessels in and around Venezuela's waters, especially east of Puerto La Cruz and in waters between Venezuela and Trinidad; Puerto la Cruz anchorage, whilst at anchor, robbers boarded a tanker removing stores from the forecastle. Alarm raised and robbers escaped with stolen stores.

Mariners are advised to take appropriate precautions and avoid these areas if possible. The Venezuelan Coast Guard has substantial assets patrolling coastal waters.

Piracy Reporting Centre: PRC Kuala Lumpur. Tel: +60 (3) 2031 0014. Fax: +60 (3) 2078 5769.

Venezuelan Coast Guard: Tel: +58 (212) 332 7387. Fax: +58 (212) 2332 2891.

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