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ASKET Updates our Free Maritime Security App update 23 out now! @ASKET_Broker @ASKETOperations #mars

We have just released update 23 on Android & i Tunes have you upgraded?

To complement the range of free services ASKET provides to the shipping industry we launched an App in 2015, Originally designed for Masters and CSO’s it is being utilised by a great number of people involved in all aspects of vessel management and security including ship brokers, ship managers, charterers, insurers and security teams.

The App now includes intelligence, piracy, marsec and cyber alerts charts, our famous BMP 4 Quiz as well as over 60 pages of resources, mostly available off line for use at sea without an internet connection.

Over 60 pages of resources available for the CSO and SSO to access including:

  • Piracy, MarSec and Cyber Alerts chart

  • Intelligence and Updates​

  • Anti Piracy Bridge Cards​

  • Quick Links to Emergency Contacts​

  • Maritime Crime Check Lists​

  • Best Management Practice Check Lists​

  • Location Services​

  • Security Charts​

  • Pirate Skiff and Dhow Recognition Guides​

  • Training Aide Memoires​

  • Crew Briefings​

  • Bridge Training Cards​

  • Crew Training Cards​

  • Crisis Management Checklists​

  • ISPS, UNCLOS, GUARDCON, Rules of Engagement

#MaritimeSecurityApp #HRA #Pressrelease

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