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BIMCO notice: ASG planned kidnapping in Sabah waters and coastal areas @HELLENICSHIP @ReCAAP_ISC @IM

Philippine intel revealed that Sulu-based ASG is planning to conduct kidnapping in Sabah coastal areas; or seajacking in Tawi-Tawi-Sabah waters anytime starting 10 Oct.

The group has already prepared a jungkong-type speed boat colored blue with three mega engines (200hp). As of 08 Oct, said speedboat is positioned somewhere in the coastal area of Parang, Sulu.

Further information disclosed that the group’s priority targets are Korean nationals aboard Korean sea vessels passing by Tawi-Tawi-Sabah waters.

At the moment, it is not clear if the priority target is a Korean vessel passing by Tawi-Tawi-Sabah waters or Korean nationals/tourists in Sabah. If they are unable to target Korean vessels, they may target other nationalities.

All vessels are strongly advised to beef up their anti-piracy watches and security measures on board their vessels. keep clear of jungkong-type speed boat colored blue with three mega engines. Report all attacks to local authorities and to the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre Source: IMB

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