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MDAT GoG (West Africa) Weekly Piracy Report #marsec #piracy #westafrica #mdatgog #shipping

Five events have been reported to MDAT-GoG this week.



120°/35NM from Brass, NIGERIA

At 18:34ZHrs in position 03°55N – 006°39E, a merchant vessel was attacked by a black speedboat travelling at 25 knots with 8 persons on board. Speed boat approached the vessel and fired shots, Navy team on-board returned fire. Firing lasted 25 minutes before pirates escaped. Vessel and crew are safe. MDAT-GoG Comment: This event refers to Warning 001/OCT/17



In vicinity of Montevideo, URUGUAY

According to open sources, a merchant vessel enroute from Nigeria to Argentina was threatened by four stowaways. Mutiny happened in vicinity of Uruguay. Stowaways were disembarked by Montevideo Special Forces. Vessel and crew are safe.



180°/48NM from Bonny, NIGERIA

At approx. 06:00ZHrs, in position 03°35N – 007°00E, a merchant vessel was attacked and boarded by four armed men in a black speedboat. The pirates remained on board the vessel until 08:30ZHrs. MDAT-GoG Comment: This event refers to Warning 002/OCT/17



220°/30NM from Bonny, NIGERIA

At approx.10:55ZHrs in position 04°00N – 006°48E, a merchant vessel was attacked by 15 pirates on board two speedboats, fitted with heavy machine guns. An escort Nigerian Navy Ship and the two speedboats crossed fire. Pirates then fled (with apparently two injured men).



200°/50NM from Bonny, NIGERIA

At approx.20:05ZHrs in position 03°35N – 006°49E, a merchant tanker was boarded by two armed pirates. The crew took refuge in the citadel, keeping control of the ship. Early morning on 26th Oct, a Nigerian Navy ship was alerted by a vessels distress call and closed the vessel in order to provide support. Contact was established between the NNS and the tanker’s captain, allowing the crew to emerge from citadel and the tanker to resume her course. Crew are safe. MDAT-GoG Comment: This event refers to Warning 003/OCT/17 and Warning 003/OCT/17 Update.

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