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IMO GISIS 5 Men with Knives boarded a Tanker at Anchor @ReCAAP_ISC @IMOHQ #piracy #marsec #shipping

IMO GISIS: Piracy and Armed Robbery

Attempted Robbery


05:30 LT

1° 27.20' N, 104° 38.40' E

13nm NNE of Tanjung Berakit, Pulau Bintan, Indonesia

While at anchor, the duty officer discovered a hook with a rope secured on the ship’s railing at the starboard quarter and a small boat hiding beneath the curvature. When the duty officer unhooked the rope and the boat was drifting away, five robbers of average height and in black tight water suits shouted and scared the duty officer with long knives from the poop deck.

The duty officer immediately ran away and reported to the bridge using a portable radio. The emergency alarm was raised and an announcement was made through the PA system. The master reported incident to the Navy on patrol.

At 0537hrs, all crew mustered in the crew mess room. The suspect boat was monitored moving away from the ship at a relatively fast speed. A search was conducted on board the ship following which it was determined that no items had been missing and no perpetrators were found.

For details of the alerts please go to ASKET Operations Piracy & Alerts Chart

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