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IMB ICC Live Piracy & Armed Robbery Report 2017 - Reported to #IMB #ICC in Last 7 days #ASKET #m

Incidents reported by the IMB in the last 7 days



03.11.2017: 1330 UTC:

Posn: 22:02.99N – 091:48.44E, Kutubdia Anchorage, Bangladesh.

A robber armed with a knife boarded a barge under tow. The tug Master switched on the search light and directed it towards the barge and notified port control and the Coast Guard. Seeing the alerted crew the robber escaped with stolen barge properties. Coast Guard come onboard for investigation.


Bulk Carrier

07.11.2017: 2145 UTC:

Posn: 02:53.0N - 105:17.5E, Around 21nm SW of Pulau Mangkai, Kepulauan Anambas, Indonesia.

Robbers armed with knives boarded a bulk carrier underway. They threatened the crew with the knives, stole ship’s properties, cash and crew personal belonging, damages communication equipment and escaped in a boat. All crew safe.



24.10.2017: 0710 UTC:

Posn: 11:50N – 054:30E, Around 37nm SE of Socotra Island, Yemen.

Armed pirates in two skiffs approached, fired upon and damaged a fishing dhow underway. One crew was reported killed and three injured, because of the firing. The coalition navies responded and assisted the fishing dhow. Medical and damage control assistance was provided by the coalition navies resulting in the fishing dhow being able to continue her journey.


Offshore Supply ship

03.11.2017: 1909 UTC:

Posn: 01:11.1N – 103:59.7E, Batu Ampar Anchorage, Batam, Indonesia.

Three robbers armed with knives, in a small wooden boat with outboard engine boarded an anchored offshore supply ship. Duty AB on routine rounds noticed the robbers and shouted at them resulting in the robbers threatening him with their knives. The AB immediately informed the bridge and the alarm was raised. Hearing the alarm and seeing the crew alertness, the robbers escaped. A search was carried out and ship’s properties reported stolen.


Bulk Carrier

03.11.2017: 2050 UTC:

Posn: 00:15.73S – 117:34.50E, Muara Berau Anchorage, Samarinda, Indonesia.

Two robbers armed with knives and sticks boarded an anchored bulk carrier via the anchor chain during cargo operations. They threatened the duty AB and OOW with knives, stole ship's properties and escaped with their accomplices in a waiting boat. Alarm raised and crew alerted. Master was unsuccessful in contacting port control.

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