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IMB ICC attempted boarding of Bulk Carrier @IMB_Piracy @ReCAAP_ISC @IMOHQ #piracy #marsec #shipping


Bulk Carrier

20.11.2017: 1930 UTC:

Posn: 01:02.4N – 103:39.2E, Around 6nm South of Pulau Nipah, Indonesia.

An unlit boat approached a bulk carrier underway and came alongside the STBD quarter. Crew on deck watch noticed the boat and informed the duty officer. Deck lights and search lights switched on and directed towards the boat.

Duty officer noticed around eight robbers in the boat.

A ladder was seen hooked onto the ships rail. Alarm raised and crew mustered. Seeing the alerted crew the robbers unhooked the ladder and moved away. VTIS informed.

Once the vessel arrived at the anchorage, the Singapore Coast Guard boarded the vessel for investigation.

For details of the alerts please go to ASKET Operations Piracy & Alerts Chart

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