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UKMTO Weekly Piracy Report #piracy #marsec #ukmto #insurance #pandi

1. This week UKMTO has issued one warning with an update and 4 advisories, one of which also included an update, see page 3 for details.

2. A MV was attacked by 4 skiffs on 21 NOV 17, Ref WARNING NOTICE 001/NOV/ 2017 and subsequent update. The ship’s company managed to secure themselves within a citadel and it was reported that the local authorities, from Mukulla port, boarded and secured the vessel. The ship and crew are all safe.

3. As mentioned in last week’s report a MV was attacked by 1 skiff however the attempted boarding was unsuccessful due to BMP4 measures being adhered to, such as manoeuvring and the deployment of razor wire. Advisory 002/NOV/2017 and subsequent update 004/NOV/2017 refer. Shortly following this incident a suspicious approach took place in the same region, full details in Advisory 003/NOV/2017. The armed security team on-board fired warning shots and the skiff withdrew. Vessel and crew are safe.

4. In response to the two incidents off the Somalian Coast, EUNAVFOR declared that there was a Pirate Action Group in the area and deployed the Italian ship, VIRGINIO FASAN, to investigate. The ship was successful in locating and detaining the Pirates who were handed over to the legal authorities in the Seychelles for prosecution. See articles (a), (b), (c) and (d) refer.

5. On 19 Nov near the eastern end of the IRTC a vessel reported sighting a skiff, with a ladder on board, which closed to within 1 nm, for full details see 005/NOV/2017. Vessel and crew safe with no additional reports of a suspicious skiff being seen in that area.

6. It was reported to UKMTO by the master of a MV that on 22 NOV 2017 the vessel was attacked by five skiffs, weapons were discharged and an attempted boarding made. Advisory 006/NOV/2017 and its update refer. The incident is still being investigated and UKMTO are waiting for the formal report from the ship.

7. Masters and CSOs of vessels are reminded to contact UKMTO by phone, as laid down in BMP4, immediately they are aware of any suspicious activity or they believe their vessel is under threat or attack. ALL details MUST be given in the initial phone call in order that an assessment of the situation can be made to ensure the appropriate action is taken to assist the ship. UKMTO Weekly Report 18 - 24 Nov 17 1 2

8. The next MIEVOM will be held this Tuesday, 28th November 2017, at the Dubai International Seafarer’s Centre, al Mina Road, Dubai. As space at this venue is restricted, those wishing to attend should confirm their details to by Monday 27th November.

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