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UKMTO MV (Yacht) Attacked by 2 Armed Skiffs 20nms South West of Hodeida #piracy #marsec @IMB_Piracy


WARNING 001/DEC/2017


On 07 DEC 2017 at 1830 UTC. Vessel reported being Attacked by 2 Armed Skiffs in POSN 14-32.5N 042-47.3E (20nms South West of Hodeidah).

Incident now complete. Vessel and crew are safe.

Vessels transiting the area are advised to exercise extreme caution.

Update - UKMTO Warning 001/DEC/2017 was issued after a sailing yacht was attacked 20 nm south west of the Yemeni port of Hodeidah. Subsequent enquiries revealed that one of a group of three catamarans on route to the Seychelles had experienced damage to its mainsail and decided to effect repairs in Hodeidah.

After the group left the port area they were approached by two skiffs with armed personnel on-board who fired shots at one of the catamarans. The yacht’s embarked AST exchanged shots with the skiffs, which then withdrew. The crew were unharmed and the vessels continued their passage. It is thought that this incident is unlikely to be piracy related and most likely linked to the Yemen conflict and in particular the unstable situation around the port of Hodeidah.

UKMTO Watchkeeper


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ASKET Operations - Piracy & Maritime Security Alerts 2017

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