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Tanker boarded at anchor by Robbers armed with swords @IMB_Piracy @ReCAAP_ISC @IMOHQ #piracy #marsec

ReCAAP Incident Alert


Tanker boarded at anchor by Armed robbers


03:40 LT

Approximately 15 nm northnortheast off Tanjung Berakit, Pulau Bintan, Indonesia (SCS)

While at anchor, four perpetrators wearing black, barefooted and armed with knives and swords boarded the tanker from a small craft. They confronted and tied the 2nd engineer who was working in the engine room workshop. The perpetrators forcibly entered the spare parts store, stole two bags of engine spare parts and escaped. The master conducted a search on board and no perpetrators were found..

For details of the alerts please go to ASKET Operations Piracy & Alerts Chart

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