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UKMTO Weekly Piracy Report #piracy #marsec #ukmto #insurance #pandi @IMOHQ @IMB_Piracy

1. This week UKMTO have issued no warnings or advisories.

2. The total number of 56 Advisories, 2 Notices and 20 Warnings, including updates, released in 2017 is significantly higher than the previous year when 11 Advisories were released. This is attributable to a number of factors including a spike in piracy attempts in the early part of the year and the increased threat in the Bab el Mandeb region due to the ongoing conflict in Yemen.

3. In response to the increased activity and the diversity of threats, CMF introduced the Maritime Security Transit Corridor. This will enable CMF to focus the presence of their Naval Forces and surveillance efforts in this area. Chart Q6099 is being updated to reflect this initiative.

4. The increase in incidents this year have served as a reminder that all shipping transiting the area should remain vigilant and are highly recommended to fully follow the guidance given in BMP4, copy at the following link

5. Masters and CSOs of vessels are reminded to contact UKMTO by phone, as laid down in BMP4, immediately they are aware of any suspicious activity or they believe their vessel is under threat or attack. ALL details MUST be given in the initial phone call in order that an assessment of the situation can be made to ensure the appropriate action is taken to assist the ship.

6. UKMTO would like to wish all readers a happy, safe and prosperous New Year..

Download full report here

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