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Be Cyber Aware at Sea - December News Letter - Phish & Chips #14 #marsec #cybersecurity @CyberAw

Welcome to a new year and a new issue of “Phish & Ships”, the maritime cyber security newsletter, keeping you up to date with the maritime and offshore industry initiative, “Be Cyber Aware At Sea”. Inside issue 14, we look at the issues which will likely be shaping the shipping industry’s response to maritime cyber security risks in 2018.

One of the key problems has long been reporting - so we are pleased to share news of a major new development from our supporters at CSO Alliance*.

Like many governments, the UK has seen the potential that cyber risks posed to national security, and across various departments they have been ensuring that the mantra of “defend, deter and develop” has been heard and enacted. Inside you can read more of what has been done, and what will be happening in the future.

Another concern for companies in 2018 is the arrival of new European Union data protection legislation. In a major shake-up, companies need to ensure they are doing what is required, or they could face huge penalties. Our good friends at Axis provide some valuable guidance in this issue. With so much to share, we just want to wish you a safe and secure cyber year ahead. Thank you for your continued support.

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Not sure where to seek advice ASKET supports Be Cyber Aware at Sea and our Broking team can help you find the right cyber solution at the right price, ask our team today for more information or visit our Cyber Security page.

(*ASKET have had a free to all Cyber Alert and notification system in place since 2017, not restricted by passwords or the need to for advertising revenue it is part of our drive to provide free to use situational awareness for all) see our website for more details

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