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MDAT GoG (West Africa) Weekly Piracy Report #marsec #piracy

Three events have been reported to MDATGoG this week. - Two events this week - One time late report



210°/63NM from Bonny, NIGERIA

At 17:40ZHrs in position 03°29N – 006°36E, a merchant tanker was attacked by one speed boat with at least 10 armed men on board. Alarm was raised, naval guards were alerted and crew mustered. Pirates shot on merchant tanker. After two attempts and seeing the security team, pirates aborted the attack and left. Crew and vessel are safe.



230°/11NM from Idenau, CAMEROON

At 12:45ZHrs in position 04°06N – 008°51E, a fishing vessel was attacked by one blue/green hulled speed boat. No more information.



182°/40NM from Bonny, NIGERIA

At 19:50Z in position 03°40N-007°06E, a merchant vessel was attacked by two speed boats with four men on each. Pirates opened fire on vessel. Evasive manoeuvers were taken and close escort vessel opened fire on pirates, who finally aborted attack. Crew and vessel are safe.

MDAT-GoG comment: This event refers to Warning 002/FEB/18.

​Download the full report here

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