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UKMTO Weekly Piracy Report #piracy #marsec

1. UKMTO have issued no Warnings or Advisories.

2. This week UKMTO received a number of reports relating to the sighting of groups of small boats operating in the Eastern IRTC. No aggressive behaviour or pirate paraphernalia was observed and it was assessed that the sightings are most likely related to an increase in fishing activit in the area.

3. Some commercial ships transiting the Southern Red Sea are still choosing to use the Eastern Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) around the Hanish Islands, here the threat to shipping from the spill over from the Yemen conflict is considered to be at its greatest. Ship owners and perators are requested to familiarise themselves with the guidance given to Industry by the Combined Military Force in Sept 17 (a) and the UK Department for Trade in Aug 17.

4. A viable alternative to piracy through the exploitation of Somalia’s fishing grounds is discussed in a video news report released this week (b), two other reports published in open source media relate to maritime Pattern of Life (POL) activity in the region (c + d).

Download full report here

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