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MDAT GoG (West Africa) Weekly Piracy Report #marsec #piracy

Five events have been reported to MDAT-GoG this week



120°/5NM from Cotonou, BENIN

At 23:00ZHrs in position 06°17N – 002°30E, an anchored merchant tanker was attacked by wooden boat. Shots were fired, alarm was raised and crew mustered in the citadel. Three pirates boarded the vessel while crew advised local authorities by satphone. Pirates had already left when navy arrived. MDAT-GoG comment: This event refers to Warning 003/FEB/18.



230°/33NM from Bonny, NIGERIA

At 21:18ZHrs in position 04°03N – 006°41E, a merchant tanker was attacked while in transit. The crew onboard the vessel deployed anti-piracy measures and mustered in the citadel, however the pirates failed in their attempt to board the vessel. Three Nigerian Navy vessel closed tanker to assist but pirates had already left. Crew and vessel are reported safe.



140°/19NM from Brass, NIGERIA

At 07:30ZHrs in position 04°02N – 006°26E, a merchant tanker was attacked by unknown number of pirates. Distress alert was realyed on VHF16.Shots were fired and then escort vessel made the pirates abort and fled. Crew and vessel are SAFE. MDAT-GoG comment: This event refers to Advisory 003/FEB/18.



210°/4NM from Lagos , NIGERIA

At 01:45ZHrs in position 06°17N 003°14E, a merchant tanker was boarded by 6 thieves. They jumped overboard once vessel sounded alarms. Nothing was reported stolen. MDAT-GoG comment: This event refers to Advisory 004/FEB/18. Weekly events Miscellaneous MDAT-GoG Weekly Report 16th – 23th February 2018 3



215°/65NM from Bonny, NIGERIA

At 13:20ZHrs in position 03°30N – 006°31E, a merchant vessel was attacked by a white-hulled skiff with approximatively seven to eight pirates on board. The pirates shot at the vessel. Security team on board repelled the attack by returning fire, forcing the pirates to retreat. Vessel and crew are reported safe. MDAT-GoG comment: This event refers to Warning 004/FEB/18

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