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UKMTO Weekly Piracy Report #piracy #marsec

1. UKMTO have issued two Warnings with respective updates and one Advisory, see page 3 for details.

2. On 22 Feb 18 a MV reported, by phone, to UKMTO that it was coming under attack from 3 skiffs. Ref WARNING NOTICE 002/FEB/2018. The AST on board returned fire and the ships altered course, vessel and crew are safe.

3. A yacht reported to the UKMTO that is was approached by skiffs in the IRTC. Ref WARNING NOTICE 001/FEB/2018. After assistance from both the Japanese and the Pakistan forces in the area, the yacht is safe and continued their voyage. It is recommended that yachts follow the guidelines within BMP4.

4. Due to the number of reports being received in relation to groups of small boats operating in the Eastern IRTC Advisory 001/FEB/2018 was issued. No aggressive behaviour or pirate paraphernalia was reported and it is assessed that the sightings are most likely related to an increase in fishing activity in the area.

5. Dutch ship owners are now authorised by their government to carry armed security guards when transiting through regions frequented by pirates. See article (a) for details.

6. In April last year OS35 was boarded by pirates in the IRTC and the crew was freed by the Chinese Navy. The officer who led the mission is honoured in his home town. Article (b) refers.

7. Piracy incidents continue to be an issue in the Gulf of Guinea with at least three serious incidents within the last month. Article (c) expands. 8. A tanker was attacked and pirates repelled by the armed security guards. Article (d) and (e) give more information.

9. Open Source Media Articles of interest. UKMTO is not responsible for the accuracy of this reporting:

a. 23 Feb - Dutch MPs give go head to arming the maritime sector against pirates -

b. 18 Feb - China’s Somali pirate-catching commando gets a hero’s welcome back home -

c. 22 Feb – Cases of Nigerian Pirates Firing Upon ships Soar -

d. 23 Feb – Chemical Tanker attacked Off Somalia, Pirates repelled: EU Naval Forces –

e. 23 Feb – MT Leopard Sun Attacked off Somalia -

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